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This Sunday is the last day before most of the formal and legal restrictions get replaced by the personal need for care.  Here at Polesworth Abbey we will make sure that everyone continues to feel safe.  There will be masks and sanitiser available and we will make every-other pew available for individuals and for groups of people who feel that they can sit together.  This will provide some continued social distancing.  There will be good ventilation and we will continue to have services printed in booklets that can be taken away.  We will be able to accomodate between 80 and 100 people for services, though I will restrict baptism services to 30 people since everyone needs to gather around the font. 

From next Sunday we will be able to welcome more of the choir, which will be just wonderful!  Those seated in the pews will be able to sing too!  This will be a real joy.  You are welcome of course to retain your mask, but there is no longer a legal requirement.  We will reinstate the sung parts of the service — the gloria and the sanctus and benedictus etc as well as adding a gradual hymn to get us ready to hear the Gospel.  Communion will remain as it is at present, with the distribution of the Sacrament at the front of the Abbey and a route around by the Place of Prayer back to our seats.  Of course I can come and give Communion to those who can’t get to the front.  Just let me know and I’ll find you!  

The Abbey will continue to be open on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and you may like to pop in for a prayer now.  You are also really welcome to see the Sensory Garden, which looks just lovely and has been cared for right through the pandemic, though we have had few visitors!  It’s a really place for Prayer and is open again now for you.

Here is the link to this week’s Sunday service which is made up from recordings of the service for this Sunday (Trinity 7) from 2015 and some video of the Saint Editha service at the Abbey last Sunday.  May the Lord Jesus be with you as you approach him for Spiritual Communion through this service.  Please know that you are remembered at the Abbey always in the prayers and pray for things now as we start to carefully emerge a little from the lockdown restrictions, which being very cautious because the virus is still around.  

The link for this weeks service is

A Sunday service is available on You Tube — please Google You Tube Polesworth Abbey. 

From 7 June the Refectory will reopen for certain support groups but is otherwise closed at the moment and we are sorry that we can't welcome you here.  But why not make an Online Visit....

Three short DVDs about the Development of the Abbey Site:


A Tour of the Stained Glass Windows at Polesworth Abbey


Fr Philip
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Currently Abbey services are available each Sunday
There are also ’talks from the Archives’ by Simon Holden CR.