Sunday Service Videos


Services — ‘streamed’, on line, and DVD recordings

Services have resumed at Polesworth Abbey but we know that Social Distancing and isolation are going to continue. The Abbey has been fortunate to now be able to to record and ‘live stream’ services.

Sunday services are available on DVD and can be delivered to peoples’ doors (usually on Saturdays) and these include hymns and service music from archive recordings made in previous years, and the ‘live’ service for the day. This service can be seen on the Abbey Website and on You Tube (look for You Tube Polesworth Abbey). If you want a DVD please let me know.

In future: all services including weddings and baptisms and funerals will be available ‘live streamed’ so that those who can’t be at the Abbey can watch. It will also be possible to make a recording if that’s needed too. The equipment to do this has been kindly donated to the Abbey together with the technical assistance to make it work.

Details about Polesworth Abbey YouTube channel for Sundays

We have made videos using audio recordings and photos of services at the Abbey in previous years.  You may hear yourself reading or singing…. I’ll be listening to them too and I hope that we can find comfort in the familiar sound of worship at Polesworth Abbey. 

Also there are other short videos, including some addresses given by Father Simon CR at Polesworth

For more videos see our YouTube channel - Click Here

Please share the link to the YouTube with friends and family. If you don’t have access to internet I can get a DVD to you.  Have sent out some DVDs today but if you would like one let me know so we can share our pilgrimage journey together at this time.