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Monks & Nuns

The year is 874, the Vikings have overwintered … nearby

The Project

Monks and Nuns will be a days' outing for your school. Your children experience being a monk or a nun in Saxon times and have the experience of the Abbey and of the Viking raiders.  

New Monks Nuns has been reviewed and changed to help schools fulfill the Curriculum in history and RE. Our New Monks and Nuns at Polesworth program, like it’s predecessor involves roll-play, plenary sessions and lots of small-group experiences. There are problems to be solved, things to be made, and items to take back to school, as well as worksheets and a Teachers Pack. The length of the day will depend on exactly when your school can arrive, usually between 9.00 am and 10.00 am.

Monks and Nuns is usually available between Easter and October (till half-term) and your day will need to be booked in advance. We are aware that schools may be covering Vikings in their autumn term and can offer this project both in the late summer term and in the autumn too.

Click Here to download our Monks and Nuns Information Sheet