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Who We Are

At Polesworth Abbey we promise that you will find a welcome and people who are seeking the way to God’s heart through Jesus.  We have a spiritual heritage that is both numinous and expressed in our worship, welcome and concern for God’s world.

We have a link with Mpondas in Malawi and hear first-hand about how friendship and support to help the feed hearts and lives there.  Our concern is rewarded with regular messages and photos from the parish.   Soon we hope to identify a sustainability-project that might help provide much-needed income.  Please continue to pray.

Our spiritual heritage is expressed in our daily worship.  We are “God’s handiwork” and we seek to be remade through Jesus.  We continue to be grateful for the musical tradition of the Abbey and acknowledge David Brookes’ able leadership of the choir and band.  We are open every day; there is hardly a Sunday when there are no new people to encourage us to go more deeply into God’s heart of love.   

 ‘Nurture is at the heart of our Community’. Through Lent and Eastertide we nurture people who will then be confirmed at the Pentecost Service.  We have nurtured Leaders   As well as Father Philip we have:

Michael Maclaclan who leads services. Regular visitors include Jacob CR and Simon CR and we have an Annual Pilgrimage

We have a close link with the Fellowship Church, which renamed itself, The Fellowship Church at St John’s recently.  We are grateful to David Harris. There are now Sunday services at St John’s every Sunday morning. 

We are aware that around 19,000 people pass by us on the canal each year. We want to do all that we can to invite people to ‘come and see’.

This we produced short films that visitors will be able to see when they visit us.  There is a virtual tour in which people from the congregation speak about aspects of the Abbey that visitors can see, and tell what it means to them.  There is a tour of the bells, the stories contained in our stained glass, and information about the organ.

In 2013 and 2015 we had memorable celebrations of our link with John Donne.  And we seek to celebrate our link with William Shakespeare.

We have a unique heritage, and that heritage is bound up in all those who meet for worship, sacrifice themselves and live by faith. Our prayer is:

“May the Power of this Place open hearts to the vision of God” (Abbey Mission Statement)