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Bell Ringers

Polesworth bells are rung every Sunday morning, for weddings and for special occasions. Their practice night is on Mondays at 7:30 pm.

Contact for further information and planning visits.


Originally raised from 4 to 5 in 1740 at the time the tower was partially rebuilt, these bells were augmented further to 6 using the existing frame and a wooden extension for the treble by Taylors in 1896. The 5 old bells were turned and had their canons removed and were amongst the earliest bells tuned on the “Simpson” principle on Taylor’s new tuning machine. The same firm rehung the bells on ball bearings – i.e. new gudgeons and bearings to the existing iron stocks – in 1937.

The headstocks and other fittings were basically retained during the 1982 restoration, when the bells were again rehung, this time in a new eight-bell frame by the Polesworth and Tamworth ringers using parts supplied by Eayre & Smith, with the exception that the gudgeons and bearings were replaced.

A bell suitable to become the treble of 8 was been located via the Keltek Trust. This bell was orignially the 3rd from the recently replaced ring at Kidderminster. It has the inscription ‘Augmentation from eight to twelve bells’. A new bell was been cast to become the second of the eight on 30th September 2004. It has the inscription: ‘Ring out to the Glory of God. Come and Worship the Lord’ They were installed on 1-3 November 2004.

Details of the Bells

1 Gillett and Johnston                         1935   5-1-12  27.94"  1399.0Hz (F+3c)
2 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough    2004   5-3-10  28.50"  1318.0Hz (E-1c)
3 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough    1896   6-1-14  30.50"  1175.5Hz (D+1c)
4 Abel Rudhall, Gloucester                 1740   6-1-03  32.25"  1044.0Hz (C-4c)
5 Pack & Chapman, Whitechapel       1776   6-1-00  33.50"   930.5Hz (Bb-3c)
6 George Oldfield I, Nottingham        1667   7-1-14  36.00"   870.0Hz (A-20c)
7 George Oldfield I, Nottingham        1654  10-0-15  39.50"   781.0Hz (G-7c)
8 George Oldfield I, Nottingham        1664  11-2-11  42.75"   699.0Hz (F+1c)